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This document serves as a purpose to notify any and all who use Movie Jungle of how Movie Jungle treats your personal information. This includes the usage of video and image related services. This notice can and will change through time. Last update date will appear under the notice title.

Personal Information:
Browsing Movie Jungle – One may watch videos and see user galleries, movie information, trailers for film and TV and their related galleries, news, showtimes and tickets, TV guides and listings and more, without the need to register for any sort of account except where a company has requested that information be kept private and confidential and only certain members of certain age or professional caliber may have access as such.

Registering for a Movie Jungle account. If you wish to comment on other users’ uploaded content, have access to your own account which may include and is not limited to adding videos to your favorites, private messages, watching restricted videos and galleries and more, you must register. We require some personal information when an account is created which includes your email address and password and may require more for verification purposes. This will be used to protect your account from unauthorized access. As such, Movie Jungle will never ask for your social security numbers and other crucial data.

Using the store – If you choose to purchase any items from our Online Store, you will be charged securely via reputable companies for any products purchased. This and any other purchases made will require the usage of your credit card numbers which and contact information which will never be shared with any unrelated party as such.

Usage of Movie Jungle. When you use Movie Jungle we may make a record of your site usage including comments, channels, groups, chats, frequency of site usage, data transfer size and more. Any and all uploaded content including and not limited to videos and imagery may be recorded.

Content Uploaded to Site. On Movie Jungle, it is your responsibility not to disclose any personal information which may harm you or those you treasure either via comments, video, or gallery usage made on Movie Jungle. This includes social security numbers, home addresses, phone numbers, credit card information and more.

Movie Jungle Uses:
Information sent to Movie Jungle may be used on the site for features, profile presentation, addition of friends, message communication and more.

Movie Jungle respects your privacy and, as such, will never use any of your personal information for commercial marketing or financial gain without your prior consent. We may use your email address without your prior consent for the purpose of customer service contact, newsletter and administration purposes.

Movie Jungle uses cookies for the following reasons:
1. To store information that does not have to be re-entered repeatedly, and thus, make the site easier for customers to use.
2. To monitor traffic trends, pageviews, referrals, content submitted by you including videos, images, reviews, contest entries, polls and comments, flagging of comments and comment replies among others.

Publicly Available Information on Movie Jungle
When you create a Movie Jungle whether personal or professional, some information about your account which may include account activity, will be provided to other users of Movie Jungle. This may include the date you opened your YouTube Account, last log in date, your age should you wish, your country and city, the videos you have uploaded as well as galleries, comments, reviews and more.

Your email address is never displayed for anyone to see, only your username is shown. As such for security purposes, we do not encourage the usage of your email address, real name, birth date, credit card information or social security number for registration purposes as this will be shown in public. With your username, other users on Movie Jungle may contact you by leaving a message or comment on your video or gallery.

Any videos you add to Movie Jungle may be redistributed through the internet and other media channels throughout the world and can be viewed anywhere and everywhere for the general public to see. Do not upload illegal content.

In your Movie Jungle account, you may also choose to add personal information which may include your name, gender, gallery pictures and other information, that will be visible to other users on your Movie Jungle channel page. The adding of these details may result in contact by other users, viewing of your profile, videos, images and comments you’ve made.

What are your choices and what can you set?
If one has chosen to register for a Movie Jungle account, they may update their personal page including their email, see their uploaded content and more.

You are responsible for what you expose of yourself except for your username. If you select to add personal information, it may be viewed by other users. You may change various settings in your account profile including your groups and more.

You do not have to register and may choose to decline sending personal information. You may still surf the site, see user videos and other free, non-registered user content made available.

Advertising on Movie Jungle:
We use various advertising company and DO NOT USE POP UP ADVERTISING of any kind. If you discover a pop up advert, please advise us so we can explore the issue further.

Advertising such as Google ads make use of DoubleCLick DARK cookies: Google, as a third party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on your site.

Google's use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads to your users based on their visit to your sites and other sites on the Internet.

Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

Content added by advertisers varies and is never and should never be explicit or harmful in any manner whether through sexual content or racially incorrect advertising. If one discovers any offensive advertising and/or content, it will be looked into further and may be removed. Certain advertisers may serve adverts based on interests and content surfed on the site, for instance, videos viewed, gallery images, movie titles or other uploaded or site pertinent content. All this information does not influence your Movie Jungle account.

If you are a company, you may wish to advertise on Movie Jungle. For more information on advertising, please contact

More Information:
For questions concerning the product or your account, please see the Movie Jungle FAQ section.

If you wish to have more information about any policies, you may write to us at:

Movie Jungle Terms and Privacy
4551 Shelby Lane
Lexington, KY

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