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John Landis Returns With ‘Burke & Hare’

 Comment on John Landis Returns With ‘Burke & Hare’

Returning to direct his first feature film in ten years, John Landis partnered with London’s iconic Ealing Studios to make the dark comedy “Burke and Hare,” about two Irish laborers (including Simon Pegg, pictured above) in 1828 who make a living supplying cadavers to doctors and start murdering people in order to keep up with demand.

        According to “The Telegraph,” Landis, 60, referred to “Burke and Hare” as a horror comedy in the vein of his classic “An American Werewolf in London.”

      After making his first movie in 1973 at age 23 and reaching the heights of his career in the ‘80s with popular comedies “The Blues Brothers,” “Trading Places," "Animal House" and “Coming to America,” Landis said the low budget “Burke and Hare” reminded him of a John Huston quote about directors getting better with age.

     “It’s funny to me, John Huston famously said that motion picture directors, prostitutes and buildings grow respectable with age,” Landis told “The Telegraph.” “I’m almost 60 and it’s happening to me!”

     Landis, who hasn’t directed a movie since the little-seen 1998 comedy “Susan’s Plan,” also laughed about what little critical praise he’s received throughout his career.

     “I’ve always been critically a schmuck in the States,” Landis continued. “Pictures that were really sh*t when they came out are now classic films. It’s the same movie. What changed?”

     “Burke & Hare,” starring Simon Pegg, Andy Serkis, Isla Fisher, Tim Curry, Tom Wilkinson and Christopher Lee opens in England this October and hits U.S. theaters in 2011.     

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