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WHITE OUT movie trailer and images

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See the trailer and images from White Out, directed by Lawrie Brewster, starring Jon Finnegan, Mike McEvoy, Joleen Walton and Nancy Joy Page.

Also in the cast of the apocalyptic disaster film are Dougie Clark, Gavin Hugh, Farooqi Muskwati and Leon Simmon.

Sarah Daly wrote the script, inspired by Michael C. Ruppert and the documentary Collapse.

See the images from White Out under the trailer!

White Out Trailer:

White Out Movie poster and images VIEW ALL


While the world has escaped the forecast apocalypse of May 21st, a new Scottish feature would suggest that Armageddon is just around the corner. White Out - director Lawrie Brewster’s ambitious début feature - tracks the collapse of civilization in a dystopian near-future Scotland. Oil supplies are scarce, climate change wreaks havoc and the world teeters on the brink of economic meltdown. In the midst of all this, reluctant government volunteer and conspiracy blogger, John Hanson (played by Jon Finnegan) becomes a target for the angry residents of a small Scottish town. Social order strains to breaking point under the weight of worsening events. As anarchy ensues, we track its impact on John and the members of his conspiracy website, whose personal stories from around the world provide us with deeper insight into the unfolding chaos.

White Out merges tried and tested disaster movie elements with innovative web-based storytelling. The diverse narrative style as well as the unique production methods combine to place the film's nightmare vision firmly in the era of social media. One defining feature is the model of filmmaking employed. Many of the actors play themselves, reacting as they would in the event of collapse. To add further to the film’s realism, Irish writer Sarah Daly’s script plays on crises that have recently occurred; the record breaking winter, swine flu, the floods in Australia and the recession to paint a realistic vision of a world not dissimilar to our own, but which is, down to a few extra and entirely plausible factors, on the brink of collapse. Another unique element of the film is the filmmakers’ decision to crowdsource contributions from across the globe. Collaborators were given a story brief and basic arc then encouraged to provide news updates and record their reactions in the context of a changed world. Their web-diaries give an insight into the state of the world as the film progresses. Inspired by the recent Wikileaks scandal and recent so-called Facebook revolutions, the film examines the democratization of information and the potential of the internet to empower people in times of crisis.

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