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Phase 4 Films acquires Slamdance title BINDLESTIFFS

 Comment on Phase 4 Films acquires Slamdance title BINDLESTIFFS

Director/co-writer Andrew Edison’s high school comedy BINDLESTIFFS won an Audience prize at this year’s Slamdance Film Festival and landed an even bigger prize via an acquisition deal with Toronto-based distributor and producer Phase 4 Films.

        According to The Hollywood Reporter, Phase 4 Films announced plans to release the teen comedy under the Kevin Smith’s SModcast Pictures Presents banner, which it used for the Canadian release of Kevin Smith’s thriller Red State.

       Edison made his feature directorial debut with Bindlestiffs, the story of three high school virgins who escape to the inner city after being suspended from school in an attempt to recreate the plot of The Catcher in the Rye, although none of them have read The Catcher in the Rye.

     Edison co-wrote the script with Luke Loftin, who also starred in the movie opposite John Karna, Will Fordyce and D.A. White.

     “Bindlestiffs is the perfect first film for us to release under our new partnership with Kevin Smith,” Phase 4 Films CEO Berry Meyerowitz told The Hollywood Reporter. “It is raunchy, outrageous and shockingly funny, and showcases the immense talents of Andrew Edison and Luke Loftin. The support that we and Kevin will bring to the film will expose it to millions of fans and help turn it into a classic.”

     Phase 4 Films planned to release Bindlestiffs in June with a theatrical tour with Q&A sessions similar in format to the release of Red State.   

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