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'Paranormal Activity 4' tops box office in debut. ' The Sessions' impressed

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Paramount Pictures' Paranormal Activity 4 topped the box office this weekend with a gross $30.2 million, averaging $8,851 from 3,412 theaters. The film is the lowest opener of all save the first film in the franchise - Paranormal Activity 2 grossed $40.7 million and its follow-up made a hefty $52.5 million. IMAX accounted for 6% of the weekend's total. Internationally however, PA 4 earned around $26.5 million from 33 territories, 11% more than Paranormal Activity 3, and 25% more than the second film in the franchise.

Weekend break down for Paranormal Activity 4:

- Friday: $15.09 million.
- Saturday: $9.43 million.
- Sunday: $5.67 million.

In second place, Warner Bros. Pictures' critically-acclaimed Argo directed and starring Ben Affleck, as anticipated, showed a minor 15% change in its sophomore run, grossing $16.6 million. Total cume is now over $43.19 million for the film also including Bryan Cranston, Kyle Chandler, John Goodman, Clea DuVall, Michael Parks and Alan Arkin.

Sony's animated Hotel Transylvania stayed on well too, showing a mere 22% change in its fourth weekend trial. Pic earned around $13.5 million from 3,384 theaters, and now holds close to $120 million in domestic coin

In fourth, Fox's Taken 2 was very close behind with $13.4 million grossed, dropping 39% in weekend number three. The Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen and Maggie Grace action thriller's coined over $105.9 million domestically, and $134.84 million overseas, for a worldwide cume of $240.8 million thus far. Good going for the Olivier Megaton-directed film scripted by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen, holding a production budget of $45 million.

Fifth-placed Summit Entertainment opener Alex Cross starring Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox, Edward Burns and Rachel Nichols, disappointed with $11.75 million from 2,539 theaters. That's a paltry $4,628 per-theater average for the Rob Cohen film which critics have bashed.

Fox Searchlight Pictures' The Sessions drama starring John Hawkes, Helen Hunt, William H. Macy and Moon Bloodgood, impressed with a hefty $121,005 from just 4 venues, averaging $30,251 per theater.

Other indie openers this weekend included:

- Tai Chi Zero from Variance Films which grossed $76,000 from 31 theaters.
- Brooklyn Castle documentary made $22,122 with Katie Dellamaggiore helming.
- IFC's The Flat documentary helmed by Arnon Goldfinger posted $20,220 from 2 theaters.
- Indomina's Wednesday opener Holy Motors added $19,488 over the weekend, and now has $28,302 total.
- Magnolia's Nobody Walks grossed $7,760 from 2 venues. Olivia Thirlby, John Krasinski and Jane Levy star in the Ry Russo-Young drama.

Year-to-date revenue is now at $8.59 billion vs. 2011's $8.26 billion, up by 3.96% while attendance is up by 2.79%.

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