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DOUBLE CROSS sequel to ALEX CROSS in works

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Alex Cross hasn't opened yet, a follow-up is already in talks.

According to Deadline, a sequel to the upcoming Tyler Perry starrer Alex Cross called Double Cross, based on James Patterson's novel, is close to becoming a reality as a deal's coming together.

Marc Moss and Kerry Williamson adapted Alex Cross, and whether the scribes will be back for Double Cross, remains to be seen.

In the Double Cross novel, Alex's life is calming dawn when he's drawn back into the game to take on a new criminal mastermind. The murders in Washington, D.C. are unlike any that Cross and Detective Briana Stone have ever seen as the Audience Killer sets the stage for his killings for public view. The whole city's on the edge of what will happen next, with the killer hosting a live feed of his website. In the meantime in Colorado, the imprisoned Kyle Craig plots his escape to enact his revenge - even if it takes joining forces with the Audience Killer.

Alex Cross opens this weekend in theaters, with a cast also including Lost's Matthew Fox, Conan the Barbarian leading lady Rachel Nichols, Edward Burns, Jean Reno and Cicely Tyson.

In the upcoming film, Tyler Perry is the seminal young homicide detective in this taut, exciting origin story where Alex Cross meets his match in a ferociously skilled serial killer. The two face off in a psychological struggle of epic proportions, where Cross is pushed to the edge of his moral and physical limits.

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