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Act of Valor (2012)
"Interesting look"

ashleymh007 ashleymh007 on 2/8/2012
Saw this at a screening last night and while the story could have used a little work, it was a good behind the scenes look at the Navy Seals and what they do on a regular basis around the world to protect our country. Some of the main actors are former Navy Seals, at least I assume so, as I can't see them using active Seals in a movie, but regardless, they weren't actors and it shows, but I've seen worse. All in all, you are embedded with a seals unit for the duration of the movie and get to see an interesting behind the scenes look at what they do and how they do it. I'm even more excited that this movie has gotten a national distributorship because this movie was essentially made by unknown directors and without an A-list cast, so for that alone, I give them my kudos. I hope to see more of those. In a way, the movie does feel like military PR, which I don't think is a horrible thing. I read that directors had already done some training video type stuff for the Seals, hence, access to the units and footage,etc. All in all, it was a decent movie that was heavy on action, but a good first start for this directing duo.

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