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Contraband (2011)
"Great Suspense! "

pmac415 pmac415 on 1/20/2012
Great Movie, I loved it. This movie is really, really good. It's set in New Orleans, but the actors are not natives, I didn't hear much of that Cajun or Bayou accent, but besides that, the actors did a great job portraying their characters. Mark Walhburg is excellent in his portrayal of Chris Faraday and Ben Foster plays his best friend, (he was also in the Mechanic). Average everyday joes who used to smuggle goods, now they are respectable blue collar workers, owning their own businesses. They like to kick back and have a beer, reminiscence about the good old days. Everything is idyllic until Chris' young brother-in-law tries to follow in his footsteps and ends up having to dump a load of coke when their ship is boarded. The bad guys are going to take it out on him, so it forces Chris back into smuggling to pay off the drug debt. Great suspense and believable story line. A few twists in the plot to keep you guessing and this guy is Houdini! I got caught up in the movie, the brother in law, is such a screw up and you just want to yell at him... and in several scenes I wanted to yell don't do it... Good edge of your seat suspense and a little humor too, especially when the bad guys get theirs. Loved the ending, thank God for cellphones, and yay! the good guys won and everyone else got what they deserved!

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