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The Amazing Spider-Man user comment

Say Hello to your good old fashioned Spider-Man.

Movie Review Date: 9/6/2012 by mbrasber
mbrasber Peter Parker has been an idol for many young people growing up. Is it because of the awesome powers? Is it because of his allure to girls who seem out of his league? Possibly. But the main reason I think he's such an iconic hero is because he's a teenager living, and dealing with the regular conflicts a teenager faces ...

For a Good Time Call... user comment

Can't find a job? Open a phone sex line!

Movie Review Date: 9/6/2012 by jayseae
jayseae When you can't pay your rent, and your best bud - of the opposite sex, but questionable sexuality - suggests that you move in with another girl to make ends meet, you do what you have to do. After all, your special person (their words, not mind) just dumped you to spend the summer in Italy and left you almost homeless ...

Premium Rush user comment

Speed on a bike

Movie Review Date: 9/5/2012 by JResor
JResor There was some action of course in it. But it really takes place most of it on bike in the streets of NY. It did give us a look into the crazy world of bike messengers which could have been a much bigger or better story in it. I see Joseph Gordon Levitt in more action films now. He did what he could with the role he wa...

The Words user comment

Left me speechless

Movie Review Date: 9/5/2012 by JResor
JResor Think of this movie using the Concept of Inception regarding this story of a writer's struggles before and after he decides to plagiarize a story he found while on his honeymoon in Paris. I thought the story was good and thought the actors were ones I respected but the ending of the movie ruined it all for me. The movi...

The Words user comment

A story within a story within a story

Movie Review Date: 9/5/2012 by jayseae
jayseae If you saw the trailer for The Words, you were probably expecting to hear a tale of plagiarism - one author stealing the work of another and passing it off as his own. Instead, Dennis Quaid starts reading that story from his book to an auditorium. During the course of the movie, the other story starts to unfold in act...
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