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The Words user comment

The Words

Movie Review Date: 9/9/2012 by Pinckney4
Pinckney4 This movie was a little different than I had expected. It was kind of unusual --- a writer writing about another writer who had stolen from yet another writer. It was pretty good, but definitely not the best movie of the year. And I was glad it was only about 1-1/2 hours long. It really didn't have enough to it to ...

The Perks of Being a Wallflower user comment

Perks of Being a Wallflower

Movie Review Date: 9/9/2012 by Taylorpk
Taylorpk Looks like it'll be a good one....

The Bourne Legacy user comment

the bourne legacy

Movie Review Date: 9/7/2012 by aj1954
aj1954 i really liked this addition to the bourne was nice the way they meshed the ending of bourne 3 into this explains the overall program that jason bourne was engaged in. leaves many possibilities for sequel(s)....

Lawless user comment


Movie Review Date: 9/7/2012 by aj1954
aj1954 a very good period film.great acting by the whole was a bit too violent for my taste....

Brave user comment

A Review from a Daughter

Movie Review Date: 9/6/2012 by mbrasber
mbrasber I remember the times I had been chastised by my mother, and having dissimilar interests. This is the movie that teaches you the importance of finding the balance between mother's and daughter's. The daughter in this movie is a Princess so the standards are much higher for her. She is voiced outstandingly by Kelly Macd...
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