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Watch a new Lee Child featurette, trailer from the Jack Reacher movie starring Tom Cruise!

 Comment on Watch a new Lee Child featurette, trailer from the Jack Reacher movie starring Tom Cruise!

Paramount Pictures has sent along a new featurette on novel series writer Lee Child to get you even more excited for Jack Reacher starring Tom Cruise.

We also have the new trailer up for the crime thriller which also includes Rosamund Pike, Rosamund Pike, Robert Duvall, James Martin Kelly, Jai Courtney, Richard Jenkins, Werner Herzog, David Oyelowo, Michael Raymond-James, Alexia Fast and Kristen Dalton.

The film directed and adapted by Christopher McQuarrie, opens in theaters on December 21st.

Jack Reacher Lee Child Featurette:


Jack Reacher Trailer 2:



Jack Reacher Synopsis:

On a mundane morning in an average town, five people are randomly shot dead while going about their everyday lives.  All of the evidence points to one man: A sharp-shooting assassin who also is ex-military, a trained sniper. He is swiftly apprehended and dragged into custody. 
Despite a marathon interrogation, the prisoner offers up nothing except a cryptic demand he scribbles on a notepad in lieu of a confession:  GET JACK REACHER. 
Who is this Reacher? Not an easy question to answer  – in fact, it’s hard to prove that he even exists. Little matter - Jack Reacher (TOM CRUISE) is already on his way.  Ex-Army, erstwhile military investigator, the enigmatic Reacher prefers to avoid the company of others – but he knows this shooter. A news report about the killings compels him to come out of the shadows and share with the authorities what he knows about this prisoner, which is plenty. Based on lurid past history, Reacher believes they’ve got the right man.
By the time Reacher arrives, the accused killer lies in a coma, thanks to a brutal beating during transfer, and his defense attorney (ROSAMUND PIKE) is loaded with questions for Reacher:  What is her client’s history with Reacher, and why would he request help from a man who’s convinced of his guilt? Despite some trepidation, she honors her client’s request and hires Reacher to investigate. At first it seems the police have effectively and thoroughly examined the crime scene and, through their perfect detective work, captured the killer. But Reacher has a problem with perfection.  Quick with a quip, easily self-sufficient and hyper-observant, he is attuned to tiny but specific false notes that escape others. The more he delves into the case, the less clear cut it proves to be.
So begins an extraordinary pursuit for the truth, where nothing is what it seems and friend and family may actually be foe.  Tough and smart, with a disarming wit, no detail is too small for Reacher.  Although he may be a loner who plays by his own rules, ultimately he is driven by a keen sense of justice.   Reacher finds himself pitted against an unexpected and astute enemy, one with an enormous predilection for violence and a secret to keep, maybe one worth killing for.  Reacher will have to use every ounce of cunning and strategy to anticipate and outwit his new adversary in order to protect the innocent and expose the truly guilty.

More cool stuff for Jack Reacher:

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