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This Week on TV: A Topsy-Turvy ADVENTURE TIME and Denis Leary stars in the series finale of RESCUE ME!

 Comment on This Week on TV: A Topsy-Turvy ADVENTURE TIME and Denis Leary stars in the series finale of RESCUE ME!

The majority of fall premieres are still a couple of weeks away but summer 2011 comes to an end with some standout TV thanks to Denis Leary and his Rescue Me co-creator Peter Tolan bringing their acclaimed FX series about a New York City firehouse to a close and Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward giving his Cartoon Network fans a topsy-turvy version of his cult favorite cartoon.

Adventure Time
8 PM EST Monday Sept. 5 @Cartoon Network

Creator Pendleton Ward and his team of animators and writers bring an upside-down spin to the popular cartoon by replacing boy hero Finn and his trusty pooch Jake with a tom girl named Fionna and a dulcimer-playing cat named Cake. Neil Patrick Harris is a surprise guest as Prince Gumball, who asks Fionna on a date. This upside-down take on Adventure Time is like picking up Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" and seeing a female Robin for the first time or watching Hilary Swank take over the Karate Kid franchise in 1994's The Next Karate Kid.  

11 PM EST Tuesday Sept. 6 @MTV
"You Are Now A Party Giver"

Ashley Richards continues to win fans as Jenna Hamilton, a high school student whose low profile changes after classmates mistake her recent accident for a suicide attempt. In Tuesday's episode, Jenna plans to boost her profile by throwing a party and proving to the boy-of-her-dreams Matty (Beau Mirchoff) that's she's girlfriend material. After MTV renewed Awkward for a second season, look for plenty more adventures involving Jenna and her high school friends.

Rescue Me
10 PM EST Wednesday Sept. 7 @FX
Series Finale: "Ashes"
Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary) and the firefighters of the 62 firehouse try to move forward after a suspicious and deadly fire. After being nominated for a Best Actor Golden Globe and frequent Emmy awards, maybe Leary will earn an award in recognition of the final season of the long-running drama he co-created with Peter Tolan.

Burn Notice
9 PM EST Thursday, Sept. 8 @USA Network
Summer Season Finale: "Dead to Rights"

Back from a mission with his old agency at a South American resort with Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), Michael Weston (Jeffrey Donovan) looks to clear his name as a murderer just in time for the series hiatus.

10 PM EST Friday, Sept. 9 @Syfy

In the latest episode of Syfy's drama based on Stephen King's novella "The Colorado Kid," FBI Agent Audrey Parker ("Emily Rose") battles a deadly virus in "Haven," Maine, a small community that's home to people with supernatural powers. Parker and her colleagues including Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Duke (Eric Balfour) face extra danger after the town's new police chief seals off the police station. With Universal putting its planned adaptation of The Dark Tower on the shelf, Syfy's "Haven" is the best bet for Stephen King fans to get their supernatural fix.

Doctor Who
9 PM EST Saturday, Sept. 10 @BBC America
"The Girl Who Waited"

Tardis companion Amy (Karen Gillan) finds herself trapped in a quarantined facility for people with an alien plague and with little chance of getting out as the popular BBC sci-fi returns to alien worlds after last week's London-based adventure. Will the plague kill the time-traveling Doctor (Matt Smith)? Will Amy's husband Rory (Arthur Darvill) come to the rescue? Actually, tshow's enthusiastic fans want to know if Alex Kingston will appear as recurring character River Song, easily one of the most interesting characters ever to appear on "Doctor Who."

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