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Shia LaBeouf to Play A Giant in Gil Kenan's Untitled Love Story

 Comment on Shia LaBeouf to Play A Giant in Gil Kenan's Untitled Love Story

Gil Kenan- directed love story is a giant for Leap for Shia LaBeouf

David Linde, Tory Metzger and Adam Rymer are producing the quirky love story via their new company called Lava Bear Films.

Scripted and helmed by Gil Kenan of Monster House. the film is also being produced by Jim Henson Co. as well as the French visual effects company BUF. Lisa Henson, Jason Lust and India Osbourne produce.

Film has been given a working title of A Giant and tells of a girl who is broke and running from a few bad relationships, who moves back home to reconnect with her brother. She starts a relationship with LaBeouf's character; a 20 foot man who lives next door.

With LaBeouf not exactly the tallest guy in the world, this could have some comedic elements. Then again, I get a picture of LaBeouf in my mind as one of those artist-drawn cartoon characters with a large noggin and small body. In any case, I know LaBeouf may have had about enough of the Transformers franchise that he can handle, but taking on a project like this could slam a nail in his coffin as a talented actor, leaving him trying to claw himself back out of a rut, like Gulliver's Travels has done for Jack Black.

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