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Ryan Murphy Shares Secrets to AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season 2!

 Comment on Ryan Murphy Shares Secrets to AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season 2!

The climactic blast of creepy kinkiness for the surprising season one finale of AMERICAN HORROR STORY (AHS), the FX supernatural drama about the Harmon family (Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott, Taissa Farmiga) relocating to Los Angeles in order to repair their troubled marriage and landing in a haunted house, was broadcast last week and fans still continued to debate about the Harmons ending up dead and haunting their own house.

       AHS co-creator Ryan Murphy (Glee) teased fans desperate for clues about the new cast and haunted location of season 2 to watch the “Birth” episode and focus on the scenes where Vivien (Britton) goes into labor for clues to next season.

      “Go through it frame by frame,” Murphy told EW. “I planted it in there. I will never reveal it.”

       While fans remained shocked by the ending, Murphy stood by his decision to upend the show and truly reboot it for season 2.

       “Working on many shows, I feel like this was the finale I was most proud of because that was the through-line from the beginning,” he added. “I feel like that first season of American Horror Story by design feels like a little Edgar Allen Poe novella. It was designed to be very contained.”

        American Horror Story (AHS) fans, are you excited for season 2? How shocked were you by the finale of season one?  

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