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Nicolas Cage to Headline WILD SIDE

 Comment on Nicolas Cage to Headline WILD SIDE

While fans remained hopeful that Nicolas Cage would agree to play himself in the comedy Action No. 1; comic writers Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant’s true life story about a group of friends who attempt to steal the first Superman comic from Cage; the 48-year-old actor remained busy signing on to another pulpy action thriller that has become something of a trademark for him.

      Deadline reported today that Cage joined Wild Side, a road trip thriller written by Jesse Baget and Stefania Moscato with Baget also on-board to direct. Cage joined indie actress Juno Temple and Johnny Knoxville on the New Orleans-set thriller about a local beauty queen (Temple) on the run from a crazed killer (Cage) in search of his diamonds.

      Phillip B. Goldfine of Hollywood Media Bridge signed on to produce along with Christine Holder and Mark Holder of Zero Gravity Management.

      Cage was last seen as the flaming hero Johnny Blaze in the 3D Ghost Rider sequel, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

     Up next for Nicolas Cage are the thrillers The Frozen Ground with 50 Cent; and a reunion with his Con Air director Simon West, for Stolen.

    Fans, what do you think about Nicolas Cage and Juno Temple in Wild Side? Are you crossing your fingers that Cage joins Action No. 1? I know I am.   

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