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Magnolia to distribute PIONEER starring Aksel Hennie, Wes Bentley, Stephen Lang

 Comment on Magnolia to distribute PIONEER starring Aksel Hennie, Wes Bentley, Stephen Lang

Erik Skjoldbjaerg's Pioneer conspiracy thriller lands at Magnolia

Magnolia is set to distribute Pioneer, a Norwegian thriller, picking up U.S. rights to the film after the screening as promo for presales at a buyers-only event in Berlin. News came via  Trust Nordisk.

Aksel Hennie of Headhunters and 90 Minutes stars alongside Hunger Games, Ghost Rider's  Wes Bentley and Avatar's Stephen Lang in the conspiracy thriller.

Christian Fredrik Martin from Friland Film produced the film, who also produced Headhunters.

"After the excellent reception to Headhunters here in the US, we’re very excited to be working with the producers and Aksel Hennie again on Pioneer, which is shaping up to be a terrific thriller," said Magnolia President Eamonn Bowles.

The cast also includes Jonathan LaPaglia, Stephanie Sigman, Jørgen Langhelle, Ane Dahl Torp and Arne Lindtner Næss.

Magnolia plans to release the film into theaters in the fall of 2013. Nordisk Film distributes in Scandinavia and TrustNordisk handles international sales.

Here's what the film's about:

Pioneer is set in the early 80's, at the beginning of the Norwegian Oil Boom. Enormous oil and gas deposits are discovered in the North Sea and the authorities aim to bring the oil ashore through a pipeline from depths of 500 meters. A professional diver, Petter, obsessed with reaching the bottom of the Norwegian Sea has the discipline, strength and courage to take on the world's most dangerous mission. But a sudden, tragic accident changes everything. Petter is sent on a perilous journey where he loses sight of who's pulling the strings. Gradually he realizes that he is in way over his head and that his life is at stake.

Pic is budgeted at EUR 6.5 million, around $8.7 million.

See an image from Pioneer below.

pioneer image

Pioneer. Photo by Erik Aavatsmark.

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