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Comic Con 2012 in Hall H gets a big surprise with GODZILLA

 Comment on Comic Con 2012 in Hall H gets a big surprise with GODZILLA



Mod: Chris Hardwick

Thomas Tull

Gareth Edwards


TT: that’s just for you guys. I always wanted to make a cool GODZILLA movie and here it is. All I can say is that the person that is going to bring this to you, remember our director Gareth Edwards and he’s going to kick ass with GODZILLA.

Mod: This guy is going to murder you with hugs! Why GODZILLA, why now?

Gareth: I’ve wanted to see this movie this way all my life. The idea was to say if this happened what would it really be like. There is nothing sci fi about this movie. It’s very realistic and grounded. When everyone screamed I was like ‘don’t cry Gareth’.

Mod: How do you take a franchise like this that has existed before and what are you trying to bring to life?

Gareth: Godzilla basically. These guys have been fantastic. Creatively the whole way through people wants you to do certain things a certain way but Thomas has been so supportive and the fans have been fantastic.

Mod: I want to say Gareth and Thomas will be signing in a booth. This is huge, there is 6500 people here can you wrap your mind around that?

Gareth: I can’t see them all.

(the crowd goes crazy)

Gareth: Now you guys make me want to cry.

Mod: We can see the footage again, ladies and gentleman  GODZILLA. 

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