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Ben Younger To Script Racing Drama for Warner Bros.

 Comment on Ben Younger To Script Racing Drama for Warner Bros.

Fans wondering whatever happened to Boiler Room director Ben Younger in the eleven years since the financial corruption drama hit theaters and the six years since his Meryl Streep film Prime received their answer yesterday when Warner Bros. announced hiring Younger to script an untitled car racing drama from producers Jennifer Fox and Polly Johnson.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, the writing gig was a perfect fit for Younger who’s been racing since Boiler Room star Ben Affleck gave him a racing motorcycle as a gift many years ago.

    In fact, Younger admitted that he understood how the Hollywood community felt he left directing to focus on race full time.

    Younger combined his love for racing and movies when he pitched his racing drama Isle of Man to Warners exec Jon Berg only to board the project tentatively called Formula One to rewrite it as a modern-day racing adventure.

    “I think people are drawn to the authenticity of real race craft, whether it’s Formula One or the rally racing, Younger said. “It’s so physical and so real when you compare it to everything else now, whether you’re downloading apps or playing video games. Everything is so removed but this is still so visceral, so dangerous, so real.”

    No word yet on the details of Younger’s racing drama except he offered John Frankenheimer’s Grand Prix as inspiration.

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