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3 BLIND SAINTS movie trailer

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Watch the trailer for John Eschenbaum's 3 Blind Saints, starring Richard Speight, Jr., Stelio Savante, Elijah Rock, Barry Corbin, Murray Gershenz, Audrey Matos and Irma P. Hall.

The comedy finds DVD release on November 20th via FilmWorks Entertainment. Brad Wilson produces alongside writer Steve Gray.

The story follows three childhood friends, Sam (Richard Speight, Jr., TV's Supernatural, Justified, Band of Brothers), Jamal (Elijah Rock), and Frankie (Stelio Savante) have schemed since they were kids to make it big. While cruising in Sam’s beat up “classic” convertible on a road trip they find themselves in the small town of Rocky Road where Rusty Pickens (Barry Corbin, No Country For Old Men) pretty much has everybody in his back pocket.

After finding themselves in hot water with the local police, Sam and his friends dig themselves deeper and deeper into trouble. Claiming to have been 'saved' while in jail, the troublesome trio lands in the hands of the corrupt Rusty who puts them to work as new ministers in the church and it's up to them to convince Rusty and the residents of Rocky Road that they are indeed the real deal!

Soon though, it becomes clear to the newly appointed 'ministers' that Rusty doesn't have the good people's interests at heart and is using Sam and his pals to do his dirty work. It's up to the guys to rise to the occasion and to prove to themselves (and maybe the big guy upstairs too) that they have what it takes to do the right thing in this hilarious fish-out-of-water tale!

Three Blind Saints Movie Trailer:

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